Bill Bedford Models

By Ian Sadler (c) March 07

I was attending and demonstrating at a Local Model Railway show this month , this can have its own rewards as you see not only new ways of model making that can cross over to our hobby but new accessories.
So it was in this case; when I found on one of the trade strands the following two jigs for making handrails.

They are made from heavy duty brass and are etched and drilled in such a way as to make the forming of handrails a breeze. You can make as many as required and all to the same size with complete confidence. The small one is 45mm by 43mm: Ref Number E017 has a total of 99 and on the oblong 70mm by 38mm: Ref Number E019 has in all 264. Giving a grand total of 363 sizes.

Method for using them could not be any easier. The jig has a hole into which you insert the wire, then bend it along the etched groove and then finally complete the second bend into the toothed edge. Repeat as many times as needed and you will be confident all will be to the same standard size; no more hit or miss.
I did find that you need gentle pressure from your pliers, but not too much.

These jigs have been available to the railway model makers for several years but to the best of my knowledge this is the first review of them for general model makers. See the scan with the worked example.
A very well thought out set of jigs with huge potential for model makers in general. They can be used on Military, Civilian trucks and for Ships and Submarines etc.
Highly recommended for further details contact Bill Bedford Models, at 4 Belgrave Court, George Street, Pontypool, Wales, NP4 8NP UK. Telephone +44 01495 753931.

The Cost for the small one Ref E017 is 2-00 and Ref E019 is 2-50 with UK postage of 50p for the two.

Overseas buyers will have to contact Bill by phone for details.

Ian Sadler IPMS UK Armour TAS