Model Zone Productions T-72M corrected turret Review by.Takashi Yamane

A new product arrived from Hong Kong. This is a " T-72M corrected turret" by Model Zone Productions. Tamiya's T-72M which everyone knows has a problem in gun turret shape. Your T-72M should change into "Cool shape" by this product. JS-models product was introduced previously in this site. There is No big difference of both kits on shape. But, The inside of MZ products turret is a blank space. If you build in interior, it should be useful. And this MZ Products gun turret includes a aluminum gun barrel from Eduard. You will obtain more perfect T-72M therefore.

香港から新しいパーツが到着致しました。Model Zone Productsの「正確なT-72M砲塔」です。タミヤのT-72Mは砲塔形状に若干の問題がありましたが、これによりお手軽に「イケてる」T-72Mが作れます。このサイトでは過去にJS-modelのT-72M砲塔も紹介されましたが、形状に関して両メーカーとも差違は無いです。ただ、MZPの砲塔は中空となっていますので、インテリアを組み込む向きには重宝するでしょう。それとMZP砲塔にはもれなくEduardのアルミ砲身が付属していますので、これも魅力です。

Contents of this set
Resin gun turret & hook parts etc..
Aluminum gun barrel (Include PE set).


Comparison of gun barrel 砲身パーツの比較
Tamiya (Plastics)
Eduard (Aluminum)
JS Models (Resin)
JS Models barrel is the longest.
As for this gun barrel, depiction of volts are made on Basal parts.
Eduard and Tamuya are the same length.
JS modelsのレジン砲身
JS modelのものがもっとも長く、砲身基部にボルトがモールドされています。

MZ-023 T-72M corrected turret (Conversion Kit included aluminium made turned gun barrel)
Price : HKD$190.00

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