JS-Models Finish Army T-72M1 storage box review by.Phillip Goudin

T-72M1 tank was exported to many countries outside of Warsaw Pact; one of the countries that currently use T-72Ős is Finland. One of the modifications that were done to these tanks was the addition of another storage box to the left side of the turret. The storage boxes very slightly in the designs, some have ribs added to the flat surfaces and some donŐt. The JS-Models storage box has these ribs and it was designed to fit their T-72M1 turret. It does not fit very well to the Tamiya turret because of the shape problems on the left turret side. There are not casting blocks and the box is a solid piece.

I do not recommend using it with Tamiya turret. As with other JS-Models releases, real vehicle was used as the reference source. The price is 7Euro, which is close to 6US dollars. The only place that distributes JS-Models i