"T91E3 Tracks for M41" Comparison Review Armour Track Models, AFV Club 1/35

AFV Club package

Armour Track Models package

The AFV club released connection track set newly. I try to compare it with one of existing Armour Track Models. A product of both companies has a good mold either. AFVクラブが近ごろ発売したM41用連結可動履帯について、既存のア−マ−トラックモデルの製品と比較してみます。ぱっと見は両社のキット共に良いモールドのように見えますが...さて。

Left side:Armour Track Models / Right side:AFV Club

Lower side:Armour Track Models / Upper side:AFV Club

A connection way
Armour Track Models is snap fitting system by pin. It realize complete being workable by this way. AFV club is the fitting system that doesn't use pin. Therefore It's semi-workable, It's broken by bending it at over angle.

Left side:Armour Track Models / Right side:AFV Club

Rubber pad
A product of both companies includes rubber pad as separation sprue. Actually, AFV club casts it with the rubber material. Therefore we must use superglue. I'm concerned about a chemical change by rubber contacting with the plastic (styrene) material. I must observe a change by passage of years. ATM casts it with the ABS material, Common liquid glue is effective for it.

Belt Track which AFV Club's M41A3 kit includes

ATM set includes resin sprocket & idler wheel

As for the price, ATM is more expensive than AFV Club. (But an ATM set includes resin drive sprocket & idler wheel.) AFV Club's one is easily available for us. 価格はAFVクラブが1,600円で、ATMが3,500円前後 (但しレジン製の起動輪、誘導輪が付属)となっており倍の価格差があります。流通もAFVクラブが安定しているので、AFVクラブ製が圧倒的に買い易くなっています。しかし....

As a basic proposal.
AFV Club's M41A3 kit includes tracks of rubber belt type. General Modellers common can be satisfied well hereby, because this belt Track has a good mold well. That is to say a person buying connection Tracks by separate sale is very deep mania. If you want to save money, be satisfied with belt Tracks which a M41 kit includes. AFV club's connection Tracks may give some sense of superiority to you. But If you are a perfectionist, select perfect ATM tracks.