Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group Photo Album 1940-45

Authors Tomas Jambor and Petr Brojo
Capricorn Publications ISBN No 978-903945-7-5
Published in hardback format and it is bilingual Czech and English.
Once in a while you obtain a book that sets you wondering why this has not been done before.

This book is a true photo Album in its layout and style; with hundreds of original wartime black and white photographs of the highest quality. All of which have never been published before now in the west. The photos appear to have been pasted onto the page with strips of brown gummed paper. A very novel and new way of duplicating a real photo album.
Within its 315 pages is a wealth of information about the Free Czechoslovia Army in exile, not only the uniforms but the transition of equipment from the French they brought with them to the eventual British establishment.
It starts with a history of the Czech Brigade and it formation in 1940, then onto the battles and siege of Dunkirk in 1944 and then to the eventual disbandment in Czechoslovia in 1945.
Each of the 18 chapters covers a part or section of the Brigade along with its history as well as the period photographs; a bonus is the colour illustrations of the divisional and formation markings used in the period they were used.
To take just one chapter to illustrate the wealth of detail was not an easy task.
In the end I decided to use the 6th chapter on The Motorised Battalion raised in September 1943 and disbanded in May 1945. It used the TAC sign of 137 in white on red background from 1.-9-43 till 6-6-44 and then changed to 54 in white again red background on the 7-6-44. The vehicles used during that time are as follows. Jeeps , Universal Carrier, Fordson WOT 2c , the 6 pdr anti-tank gun , various motorcycles ,M14 halftrack , Humber Scout Car Mk 11c and lastly Lloyd carrier all of which fully illustrated in the photographs and the details contained is staggering .
In conclusion, this volume is going to provide many hours of research on a subject long neglected in the west. The aftermarket decal providers will have a field day in producing new and original items to use on the existing and the new kits announce in the modelling press.
I very highly recommend this volume to model makers and researchers of WW2; the authors are to be congratulated on providing new and original research but also a style never seen before.
Under the fair review section of the Copyright act I have selected a single page to illustrate the layout of the pages. It shows the Cromwell MK VI tanks in the Dunkirk area 1944.
Price is unknown at time of review.
Many thanks to Petr for the gift of this book given to me at War and peace show 2012

Ian Sadler IPMS UK Armour TAS Leader 2012