FRITUUR ZORRO Vol.1 and Vol.2

Published by Narwal publications

The Author are Theo Barten- Maarten Swarts

Hardback with 170 pages Text is Bilingual
Vol.1 ISBN 978-90-9025502-6
Vol.2 ISBN 987-90-817110-1-2

Price is about £30-00 each

I intend to review both volume 1 and 2 together as the comments are applicable to both.
Printed on very high quality paper with the photographs in sepia this adds to the story .
They start with an introduction as to why the photographs were taken in the first place and then an index of the vehicle types.
In the main the story is all about what happened to the vehicles left over on the continent after the war and the uses they were put to in civilian hands.
The majority ended up as recovery vehicle or working in construction and the forests. Some were used by the circuses and travelling fairgrounds and lastly the emergency services as fire tenders or ambulances.
Vol 1 covers the vehicles used by the British, Canada and American armed forces.
Vol 2 is a repeat of the same format but it deals in the main with German, French, USA and a few Russian vehicles.
The photographs have never been published before now and were taken at the end of the vehicles life i.e. in scrapyards or builders parking areas.
The wealth of information in the photographs is staggering and is frankly a scratch builders dream. Not only for the details but also the markings and weathering of a near wreck or derelict vehicle. Now that new kits of British Wartime vehicles are to be produced in all scales up to and including 1/24. I can see many of the original in the photographs turned into aftermarket accessories.
I highly recommend this series of books they provided an insight into post war Europe and the Authors are to be congratulated on two very individual books, that fill a much needed and up to now neglected part of our history.
I bought mine at discount a price at this yearÕs War and Peace show.
As a postscript a third volume has just been announce in the modelling press.

Ian Sadler IPMS UK Armour TAS Leader 2012