Special Operations Landies in Detail

Published by Wings and Wheels Publications ISBN No 978-80-87-509-09-8

The Author are Jan W de Boer, Ales Kautsky and Frantisek Korana

This is the latest book by Wings and Wheels Publications Special Operations Landies. The Authors are Jan W de Boer , Ales Kautsky and Frantisek Korana, ISBN 978-80-87-509-09-8.

Published in the usual Landscape format and soft bound with 140 pages packed with full colour photographs and the text is in English.

It starts with the SAS series 1 , SAS Pinkies, Patrol Vehicles Series 111, Wolf WMIK ,
SOV and RDV , Weapons and Accessories and finally Czech Army Spec Ops.

Each section gives a full walk around of the relevant vehicle with great attention to detail .
Some are taken at Beltring in the arena and this gives an idea of them in combat , this is a nice touch and adds to the realism to the story.

The close ups of the weapons and accessories will help modellers to achieve those final touches needed to complete the model , not only in the actual colours used but also the weathering .
For those who like scratch building this book has a wealth of information on how the actual items are stowed on the vehicles . It will also be a great bonus to the after market producers.

A very highly recommended book and with the range of new kits on the market it is a timely addition to all modellers book selves. Especially for those who build Land Rovers in the many scales now available .

Price is not know at time of review so; as always check with your local book dealer.

Many thanks to Frantisek Koran for handing the book to me at Beltring for review.

Ian Sadler IPMS UK Armour TAS Leader