Published by Capricorn Publications ISBN No 978-80-903945-8-2

The Author are James Gosling for the translation into English and Petr Brojo.

Capricorn Publications have released a soft back book Number 09 on the C15TA Armoured Truck ISBN 978-80-903945-8-2. The Authors are James Gosling for the translation into English and Petr Brojo .
It is now in the standard format of landscape and has 44 pages full of Colour photographs as well as 14 Black and White wartime period photographs .
Along with detailed black and white drawings taken from the workshop manuals.
It begins with a short history of the design and production at the beginning of the book.

The full colour photographs which are spread over 31 pages, are of a fully restored vehicle and a few are taken while the chassis and body were separated for the restoration.
This attention to detail is outstanding and gives an insight into the care taken to bring this rare vehicle back to full operation.

There are two sets of 1/35 scale plans for the standard vehicle and the ambulance version, lastly a set of colour illustrations showing markings and a nice touch is the set of colour swabs for ref to help in painting.

Conclusion a very timely publication now that Mirror Models have announced a 1/35 injection moulded kit of the this rare truck .
It will enhance the details in the kit and deserves a place on Model makers selves . Highly recommended and at time of review price is unknown .
Check with your local book dealer for availability and price.
Many thanks for this review copy handed to me at Beltring by Petr Brojo.

Ian Sadler IPMS UK Armour TAS Leader