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Published by Mud & Snow, c/o Rolf S Ask, Valeveien, 5451 Valen, Norway.
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This new magazine was offered as a free sample at War and Peace show this year.
It has 48 high quality pages crammed full of original black and white period photographs supplemented with full colour photos of preserved vehicles. All the text is in English.

The subjects covered are as follows-
CMP Wreckers pages 4-9
HMV meetings in Norway pages 10-11
T 1 Compressor Jeep pages 12-14
KruppL2H43 and L2h143 part one pages 16-23
Weasel pages 24-29
Mercedes Benz 170V KMD pages 30-35
Diamond T pages 36-43
Make plans for a HMV Holliday in Norway page 44

In conclusion this is the official publication for the Historical Military Vehicle society (HMV) and is written in the main for military vehicle enthusiasts. Each article is written by the owner of the vehicle in question so it is based on first hand information and research found during the restoration. This is shown by the enthusiasm of the writers on their specialist subject, the inclusion of the period photos and those of the restored vehicles adds greatly to the finished article.

It is not intended for model makers in general but like all good reference material it has information which in some cases will be invaluable to them.
I like the style and layout of this First edition in English it is an easy read even if the translation needs a little work.

I recommend this magazine to all Military vehicle enthusiasts and Model Makers.

To subscribe to the magazine which will be published 4 times a year go to The cost is 30 euro for the year; see the English page for full details.

Ian Sadler Review
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