Special Red Line Museum Series No.38 "Pz.Kpfw.38(t) Ausf.A-D in detail"

Wings and Wheels Publications
RAK, P.O. Box 35 17006, Prague 7,
Czech Republic.

WWP Pz.Kpfw.38(t) Ausf.A-D
No.38 in the Special Red Line Museum Series
Authors are Frantisek Koran, Vladimir Francev.
ISBNO No 80-86416-58-5 first published in March 2007.

Published in the now usual landscape format on very high quality paper it contains the following 180 colour contained in the 48 pages. The text is in English and is kept to a minimum, just enough to add to the details in the photographs.

It starts in the usual way of a brief history of the Tank and its development and the effect it had on the early part of the war in German use.

Unlike other books in the series it has only one section, a general walk about externally and internally but this covers the whole of the tank in glorious detail. The clever selection of the photographs and number per page are used to full advantage.
No detail is overlooked and by using several photographs from various angles it only enhances the details.
This is especially useful in the cramped internal section covering the turret.
Noted in the text and highlighted with the photographs is the post war use of the Hetzer wheels, if you wanted to build the museum example then this is a must.
Under the fair review section of the copyright law in the UK I have included a scan of the Distributor as an example of the level of detail.
In conclusion, this may be a small book covering a small but important tank in the history of tank warfare but it packs a punch far above the norm.
A cracking good read and it will provide hours of serious research for those who want to elevate their kit from the also ran into winners. Once more the authors have filled an important gap in the history of Tanks. Very highly recommended to all modellers who build German tanks.
Price and availability not know at time of review so check as always with your local book seller.
Many thanks to Frantisek Koran for the advance copy for review.

Ian Sadler Review
IPMS UK Armour TAS (c) 2007