Special Museum Series No.40 "M24 Chaffee in Detail "

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WWP M 24 Chaffee in Detail
No.40 in the Special Museum Red line Series
Authors are Frantisek Koran, Martin Velek.
ISBNO No 80-86416-45-3 first published in March 2007.

Published in the now usual landscape format on very high quality paper it contains the following 264 colour photographs with 5 black and white line drawings in its 72 pages. The text is in English and is kept to a minimum, just enough to add to the details in the photographs.

Each section is colour coded on the right hand side for easy reference.
It starts with a general History of the M24 Chaffee and then onto the walk about of the featured vehicles and, then each subsequent section covers the following in superb detail.
Next are the wheels and tracks highlighting the differences between the early single pin T72 all steel and later double pin T85E1 rubber pads track.
The next section is very large and covers mainly the hull and all the external fittings.
The next is the engine details and this by far the very best I have seen in a long time, in particular pages 40 to 47 they are a scratch builders dream.
The last section covers all the internal features, drivers, and turret, sight, and breach details.

In conclusion, the quality of the photographs and the details they contain are of the very highest order. I like the way the authors have included the line drawings to help clarify various sections.
The section on the Engine pack installation is just what every scratch builder dreams of; all the details, wiring, and the colours of the various subcomponents. By making them mainly one per page has enhanced the detail that few other books ever achieve.

Under the fair review section of the copy right law in the UK I have included a single photograph from the numerous ones in the engine section. It was not an easy task to select one from so many deserving photographs contained in the book.
This will find a place on the selves of those who are interested in American Armour and will be used many times over to enhance the Italeri kit.
I highly recommend it to all model makers, another winner from Franti.

The Price and availability not known at time of writing the review so as always check with your local book seller.
Many thanks to Frantisek Koran for the advance copy for review.

Ian Sadler Review
IPMS UK Armour TAS (c) 2007