Special Museum Series No.39 "Opel Blitz in Detail"

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WWP Opel Blitz in Detail
No.39 in the Special Museum Series
Authors are Frantisek Koran, Jan Mostek, and Alois Vesely.
ISBNO No 80-86416-51-8 first published in March 2007.

Published in the now usual landscape format on very high quality paper it contains the following 395 colour photographs and 15 black and white copies from the original wartime factory photographs in its 107 pages. The text is in English and is kept to a minimum, just enough to add to the details in the photographs.

The vehicles covered in great detail are as follows Opel Blitz A 4X4 House Body, Opel Blitz GS 4X4, Fligerkraft- fahrspritze Airport Crash tender 4X4. Airport Fire Truck 4X2 and the Luftwaffe Radio Van 4X2.

Each section is colour coded on the right hand side for easy reference.
It starts with a general History of the Opel Blitz and then onto the walk about of the featured vehicles and, then each subsequent section covers the following in great detail. Interior details, Engine, Chassis, 4X4 chassis, lastly each vehicle is more fully explored in greater detail.

The level of detail in the photographs is truly outstanding and shows that the photographers know the subject and more importantly how to portray it to the best advantage. To illustrate this I have under the fair review section of the UK copy right law selected a single photograph of the FuG V radio set, this illustrates far better than words.

The book is really an expanded version of the original Title Opel Blitz in Detail No 1 published in 1996, which was bilingual and mainly in black and white.

If you have the original copy then you will know that over the years Franti Koran has set new levels for his publication. This book is aimed at Model makers. It is a super detailers dream and I can see the after market section quoting it many times over as their reference book, also those lucky enough to be able to restore a war timer vehicle.
I highly recommend this book to all those who wish to build any of the numerous Opel Blitz kits that are available what every your scale.

Price and availability not know at time of review so check as always with your local book seller.
Many thanks to Frantisek Koran for the advance copy for review.

Ian Sadler Review
IPMS UK Armour TAS (c) 2007