Present Vehicle Line No.11 "PANZER HAUBITZE PzH 2000 in Detail"

Wings and Wheels Publications
RAK, P.O. Box 35 17006, Prague 7,
Czech Republic.

This latest Book by Wings and Wheels Publication Title is Panzer Haubitze Pzh 2000 in the Green Present Vehicle line series no 11,
published by RAK, P.O. Box 35, 170 06, Prague 7, Czech Republic.
The ISBN no is 80-86416-38-9 price is unknown so check for availability and price with local book dealers.
The Authors are Josef Spurny and Jan Martinec.
The text is published in English with 48 pages in all it contains the following number of photographs 112 and it has 5 full colour sketch drawings/ diagrams included.

As is usual with this series of books it starts with a brief history of the vehicle and then it is split into the following chapters; full external details for the first 19 pages followed by the close up external turret details pages 20 to 25 and the interior pages 26 to 48.

As a bonus, you can see the loading of this vehicle onto the back of the Faun SLT 50-3 Tank Transporter. You can also see the method of securing it to the bed of the tank transporter again in full close up detail.
The external photos of the vehicle in service shows the model maker better than any written words just what weathering is all about and just how dirty they to get after a day or two in service.

The authors certainly know what is required for model makers in terms of close up details and the clarity of the photographs omits nothing. They seem to be able to get into every nook and cranny to capture on film every tiny detail.
If you are into modelling modern German Armour then this has to have a pride of place on your reference shelf. It will certainly help to produce finely super detailed models of this vehicle.

I try to pick out one photograph which illustrates this better than words but in this case, it has to be the colour illustration /diagram of how the component modules fit into the hull on page 17. An innovative and novel way of illustrating what is you are looking at in the photographs of the completed vehicle.

Once more, the authors and Franti in particular are to be congratulated for introducing new and informative ways of covering a vehicle in depth.
I have to give it ten out of ten just for this new approach and pushing the boundaries once more.

Many thanks to Franti for the advance copy for review and price and availability are not known at time of review, so as always check with local book dealers, you will not be disappointed.

Ian Sadler Review
June 2005