Special Museum Line No.33 "Harley-Davidson Soldiers in Detail"

Wings and Wheels Publications
RAK, P.O. Box 35 17006, Prague 7,
Czech Republic.

This latest Book by Wings and Wheels Publication Title is Harley Davison Motorcycles WLA and WLC. ISBN No is 90-86416-43-7 published by RAK, P.O. Box 35, 170 06, Prague 7, Czech Republic.
It is in the Red line Special Museum Series, Number 33.
The Authors are Frantisek Koran and Jan Mostek.
Text is in English, it has a total of 47 pages, and the number of photographs is 147 spread over the two types.

For those who have an interested in the wartime Harley Davison and in particular the WLA and WLC then this is the book for you.
It gives a brief history of the company and numbers produced in WW2.
It shows the main differences between the types and in the main, it is the engine and petrol tanks were this is more noticeable.
For model makers who are building the large 1/9 scale kit then this has to be the book for you. It will after a serious amount of study and comparison with the kit parts turn the model into a stunner.

The close up detail and added text help to clarify the differences between the models. There is no excuse for getting it wrong. Note to conform to European road safety laws certain parts are not original.

A good point is the authors have been very careful by selecting an unrestored motorcycle in comparison to a fully restored museum exhibit; this allows the model maker to choose which he wants to build a brand new factory finish or very heavily used one.

The congratulations to the authors on filling yet an other gap in the history of motorcycles. I know of one museum shop here in the UK that will be stocking plenty of them.
Once more, I cannot fault the authors or the book it is very highly recommended.
I give it ten out of ten for quality of photographs and content.
Check with your local book dealer for both availability and price which is not known at time of review.
Many thanks to Franti for the advance copy for review.

Ian Sadler Review
June 2005