PANZER March issue (No.368)

PANZER March issue (No.368)
ISBN : 07593-3
Publication : Argonaut Co,Ltd
Size : B5
Pages : 144 page (color 34 page)
Price : 1350 yen

[Photo] Color : 76pics. Mono : over100 pics.
[Line drawing]
4 views: Challenger2 MBT, M4A1 76mm VVSS, M4A3 76mm HVSS, M4A3 105mm VVSS
Only side view : M4A1 76mm HVSS, M4A2 76mm VVSS, M4A3 76mm VVSS, M4 105mm VVSS, M4A3 105mm HVSS, Semovente M42L da 105/25

Contents of this month issue.

Exercise Luneburger Rochade of German 84th Pz.Bn. (Color 5p) (Leopard2A5, Leopard2A4, Fuchs APC, Bergepanzer3)
New Year's Drill of 71st/72nd TK.RGTs.,JGSDF. (Color 6p) (Type90 MBT, Type73 APC)
Combat Training of Hungarian Army (Color 6p) (T-72M, BMP-1, BTR-80, Unimog truck, 2S1 122mmSPG, Mi-24V)
The British Challenger2 Tank. (Color 7p Mono 15p)
The Trend of Overseas AFVs 2002 part.2(Mono 6p) (Kentaurus MICV, Tracer/FSCS, MGS, Boxer)
British 155mm turret"BraveHeart". (Mono 4p) (AS90 SPG)
The Present Situation and The Future of JGSDF's Reorganization. (Mono 6p)
Recent APC which gains variety. (Mono 4p) (VAB, CV-9030, Piranha IV, Pandur 8X8, BTR-90)
History of JGSDF vehicle Part.8. (Mono 4p) (Type60 Snowmobile, Type61 Snowmobile, Type78 Snowmobile)
Firing Practice of 11th Div., JGSDF. (Color 5p) (Type74 MBT, Type73 APC)
CM21A2 APC of Taiwanese Army. (Color 2p)
The series of M4 Sherman Part.2 (Color 1p Mono 16p)
Experimental Vehicle of JGSDF. (Mono 5p) (STA-1 Tank, SS-1 SPRR, SS-3 SPRR, SU-1 APC, SUB-2 APC, STB-1 MBT, Type73APC with Rh-202, 155 HSP-2, Prototype of Type87 RV, Prototype of Type87 AW)
Russian KV-II as Monster of Eastern Front. (Mono 4p)
Type97 Midget tank of Imperial Japanese Army. (Mono 2p)
German AFV in WW2 part.269 (Mono 5p)
The series of Semovente Big gun. (Mono 5p) (M42L, M42Tda75/46, M42Lda105/25, M42T,149/40 SPG, M41da90/53)
The life and trace of Heinz Guderian Part.2 (Mono 4p)
European old battlefield travelogue Part.36 (Mono 4p)
War History in the world. part.94 (Mono 6p)
Kit Review (Mono 1p)(1/35 Challenger2 from Trumpeter, 1/144 World Tank Museum 3 from Kaiyodo)