PANZER February issue (No.367)

PANZER February issue (No.367)
ISBN : 07593-2
Publication : Argonaut Co,Ltd
Size : B5
Pages : 140 page (color 32 page)
Price : 1350 yen

[Photo] Color : 79pics. Mono : over100 pics.
[Line drawing]
4 views: Centauro B1, T6 tank, M4 tank, M4A2 tank, M4A4 tank
3 views: AMX-10RC
Only side view : M4A1 tank, M4A3 tank,

Contents of this month issue.

Exercise Luneburger Rochade of German 84th Pz.Bn. (Color 5p) (Leopard2A5, Buffel ARV)
Offensive Exercise of 71st TK.RCT,JGSDF. (Color 6p) (Type90 MBT, Type92 ARV, Type92 Mine Sweep Rocket, Type73 APC, Type75 SPG, Type89 IFV, Type87 AW)
Armoured Vehicles Displayed at the Satory 2002 (Color 2p) (Dardo ICV, Pandur III APC, Italian Puma APC, VBCI ICV)
Heli-Borne Exercise of 12th Brigade, JGSDF. (Color 6p) (UH-60, CH-47, FH-70 155mm, MO-122)
Comparison of AMX-10RC and Centauro B1. (Color 5p Mono 18p)
The Trend of Overseas AFVs 2002 (Mono 6p) (M1A2 SEP, Challenger2, T-90, FCS-W, FCS-T, Ariete C1, M60-120S, Sabra, T-72M4CZ)
The Grope Trial of NATO for New period. (Mono 5p) (VBL, Wiesel, BRDM-2, AMX-10RC, BTR-70, Fuchs APC)
Recent APC which gains variety. (Mono 5p) (M2A3, M113, Warrior, VBCI, BMP-3, Israeli Puma APC)
History of JGSDF vehicle Part.7 (Mono 4p) (Type70 Bridge layer)
Exercise Strong Resolve 2002 of NATO Crisis Reaction Force. (Color 7p) (Danish Leopard 1A5, Piranha III APC, M113 APC, Hawk SAM, Austrian Leopard 2A4, Polish BRDM-2, BTR-60, Swedish CV-90 ICV, CV-90 ARV, SISU, BV206, PBV-401, Bulgarian BTR-60, Belgian Iltis light truck)
The series of M4 Sherman Part.1(Color 1p Mono 16p)
River Crossing Material of JGSDF. (Mono 3p)
SPAAG Borne by M3 Half-Truck Series (Mono 4p)
Char Leger Renault FT17 (Mono 4p)
German AFV in WW2 part.268 (Mono 5p)
M12 155mm SPG (Mono 4p)
the life and trace of Heinz Guderian Part.1 (Mono 4p)
European old battlefield travelogue Part.35 (Mono 4p)
North Africa military history (Mono 6p)
Kit Review (Mono 1p)(1/35 Sdkfz.164 Hornisse from Dragon, 1/35 Sdkfz.11/4 3t Half-Truck from AFV Club)