PANZER January issue (No.366)

PANZER January issue (No.366)
ISBN : 07593-1
Publication : Argonaut Co,Ltd
Size : B5
Pages : 140 page (color 32 page)
Price : 1350 yen

[Photo] Color : 70pics. Mono : over100 pics.
[Line drawing]
4 views: Churchill Mk.I
Only side view : Churchill Mk.III, Mk.IV, Mk.IV NA75, Mk.V, Mk.VII, T26E4

Contents of this month issue.

Exercise Ostarich 2001 of Austrian 4th Pz.Gren.Br. (Color 7p) (Leopard2A4, SK105, Rjpz Jaguar, Saurer APC, Saurar 4K4FA-G2, M109A50 SPG, Greif ARV,)
Winter Exercise of 3rd Co., 71st Tk. Rgt. JGSDF (Color 6p) (Type90 MBT, Type73 APC, Type89 IFV)
4X4 Vehicules ont ete Exposees Dans Satory 2002 (Color 2p) (Feneck, Cobra with Shorad SAM, Panhard VBR, VLRB)
Exercise Comanche Romp 2001 of U.S.1st Cav. Rgt. (Color 6p) (M1A1HA, M3A2 CFV, M106A3 SP mortar)
Grade-up for Type74 MBT. (Color 3p Mono 6p)
How should utilize Type74 MBT? (Mono 9p)
The modernization of the 2nd generation MBT (Mono 4p)
Evolution and development of tank defense (Mono 6p)
The history of Vulcan system development Part.2 (Mono 5p) (GECAL50, GAU-2B/A, SUU-11/A)
Type88 Anti-ship Missile (Mono 3p)
History of JGSDF vehicle Part.6 (Mono 5p) (M4 Bridge Layer, Type67 Bridge Layer)
2nd Generation MBT with Grade-up to 2.5th Generation (Color 5p) (Leopard 1A5DK, Valiant MBT, Leopard 1A5, M60A3, AMX-30B2, AMX-30 B2 Brenus, Chieftain Mk.15, OF40 MBT, Strv.103C, Olifant Mk.1A, T-90)
Type87 Reconnaissance Vehicle of JGSDF (Color 3p)
French Armoured Car at Indo-China (Mono 3p) (Coventry Mk.I, M8 Greyhound)
M4 tanks with Additional Armours (Mono 4p)
Italian AFV used by German Army (Mono 4p) (P40 tank, Semovente 90/50, Semovente 75/18, Semovente 75/34, AB41)
German AFV in WW2 part.267 (Mono 5p)
Development and Variation of Churchill Tank (Mono 16p)
The development history of British tanks Part.2 (Mono 7p)
M26E1/E4 Super Pershing (Mono 4p)
War History in the world. part.92 The Civil War 5 (Mono 6p)
Kit Review (Mono 1p)(1/72 Sdkfz.162 L/48 from Hasegawa, 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog from Skybow)