PANZER November issue (No.364).

PANZER November issue (No.364)
ISBN : 07593-11
Publication : Argonaut Co,Ltd
Size : B5
Pages : 144 page (color 36 page)
Price : 1350 yen

[Photo] Color : 82pics. Mono : over100 pics.
[Line drawing]
4 views: Melkava Mk.1, Melkava Mk.3, Mitsubishi W155 Tank Transpoter, Semovente M40 DA75/18,
3 views: Marder IIE
Only side view : Ram Mk.II, Cromwell Mk.I

Contents of this month issue.

TESC Training of 5th Co.,71st TK.RGT. JGSDF (Color 7p) (Type90MBT, Type89ICV, Type87AW, Type73APC, Type90ARV)
Exercise Hruhlingssturm 2002 of German12th Pz.Br. (Color 6p)(Leopard 2A5, MarderA3, Buffel ARV, Luchs, Fuchs APC, Scorpion mine layer vehicle)
L'unite Adverse de L'armee de Terre Francaise (Color 4p) (AMX-30B2, AMX-10P ICV, AMX-10RC)
Development of Melkava MBT (Color 7p, Mono16p)
Stealth AFV in the future (Mono 5p) (AMX-303B2,Woriar2002)
The latest trend of Grenade Launcher (Mono 4p) (CG40, AGA-40 Mod.85, AGS-17)
History of JGSDF vehicle Part.4 (Mono 5p) (Mitsubishi W155 Tank Trunsporter)
Firing Exercise 2002 of JGSDF (Color 7p) (Type99 155mm SPG, Type90 MBT, Type96 APC, Type87 RV, MLRS,Type74 MBT, Type89 ICV)
Italian Centauro Series at The Satory 2002 (Color 1p)
AFV of Free French Army in Action (Mobo 5p) (M4 tank, M8 SPG, M20 Scout Vehicle, M5A1 tank, M7 SPG, M3A1 Scout Vehicle)
Stughound Series for British Army (Mono 4p) (T17E1, T17E2, T17E3)
Experimental Tanks of Imperial Japanese Army (Mono 2p) (Type89 tank, Chi-Ni tank, Experimental tank Mk.1, Type95 Ha-Go, Type97 Chi-Ha)
German AFV in WW2 Part.265 (Mono 5p) (Pzkpfw III, Tiger I, Kfz.23 Stuff car, Hummel SPG, Krupp's 1t truck, LWS etc..)
Ram tank vs Cromwell tank (Mono 11p) (Ram Mk.II, Cromwell Mk.I, A24 Cavalier, Centaur, Cromwell Mk.IV)
Marder IIE SPG (Mono 10p)
Italian tanks in WW2 (Mono 5p) (Semovente M40 DA75/18, M42 DA75/18)
Destiny of The Operation Barbarossa (Mono 7p)
Military pistol for the 20th century (Mono 4p)
War History in the world. part.92 The Civil War 4 (Mono 6p)
Kit Review (Mono 1p)(1/35 Marder IIIM from Tamiya, EE-T2 Osorio from Trumpeter, 1/24 Leopard 2A5 from Marui)