PANZER October issue (No.363).

PANZER October issue (No.363)
ISBN : 07593-10
Publication : Argonaut Co,Ltd
Size : B5
Pages : 144 page (color 36 page)
Price : 1350 yen

[Photo] Color : 78pics. Mono : over100 pics.
[Color Pin-Up]: T-80U (Korea)
[Line drawing]
4 views: T-72MP (Czeck/Ukraina)
2 views: FH-70
Only side view : PT-91, T-72CZM4, T-72M2 Moderna, M-65 Degman.

Contents of this month issue.

Defensive Training of 1st TK.GP. JGSDF (Color 7p) (Type74MBT, Type90MBT, Type73APC)
Exercise Hessicher Loewe 2002 of German 14th PZ.BR. (Color 6p)(Marder1A3, Pionierpanzer, Leopard 2A4, PzH 2000 SPG, Gepard, MAN 15t truck, Bergepanzer)
T-80U Tank of Korean Opfor (Color 6p)
Serie de VBL a ete Exposee Dans Satory 2002 (Color 2p)
T-72 Tank Renovated by Eastern Europe Countries (Color 3p, Mono 16p)(T-72MIZ, T-72MP, T-72M1 Banan, PT-91, T-72CZM4, T-72M1A, T-72M2 Modelna, M-84, M-84A, T-72AG, T-72/120)
Tank Gunnerty Conpetition of Northern Army, JGSDF (Color 3p) (Type90MBT)
Field Training of 6th Inf.RGT.,U.S. 1st AMD.DIV. (Color 5p) (M2A2 ODS ICV, M113A3)
Israeli APC for City Combat (Mono 6p)()
French new wheeled MICV "VBCI" (Mono 4p) ()
The series of JGSDF's vehicle and equipment. FH-70 (Mono 4p)
History of JGSDF vehicle Part.3 (Mono 4p) (Mitsubishi Fuso WH, Minsei TZ10 truck, Fuso W14 truck, Fuso W25PH1 Crane truck, Fuso W12Wrecker, Isuzu Crane truck)
The latest trend of Grenade Launcher (Mobo 5p) (Mk.19AGL, OCSW, Striker/CG40 AGL, LAG40, Norinco 30mm AGL, SLWAGL)
U.S.Armoured Force Invade to Germany (Mono 5p)(M4A3 75mm VVSS, M4A3E8, M7 SPG, Caliope, M4A1, M32, M12 SPG, M20 armoured car)
German 5cm.Pak38 Anti-Tank Gun (Mono 2p)
Russian Army's vehicles in Action, 1943 (Mono 4p)(SU-122, BA-64B, T-34)
German AFV in WW2 Part.264 (Mono 5p)(Tiger I of 502nd Abt, Pz.IV Ausf.H, Pz.I 15cm SPG, Panther G, H39 7.5cm tank destroyer, Pz.III Ausf.F, Kubelwagen etc..)
The history of German the 21st armored division Part.2 (Mono 16p)
Salon du Cinema (Mono 2p)"WIND TALKERS"
European old battlefield travelogue Part.33 (Mono 4p)
Military pistol for the 20th century (Mono 4p)
North Africa military history (Mono 6p)
Kit Review (Mono 1p)(1/35 Strv103B, Strv103C, IS-3M from Trumpeter)