PANZER August issue (No.360).

PANZER August issue (No.360)
ISBN : 07593-8
Publication : Argonaut Co,Ltd
Size : B5
Pages : 144 page (color 34 page)
Price : 1350 yen

[Photo] Color : 81pics. Mono : over100 pics.
[Line drawing]
3 views: Type99 155mm SPG, Strv.122
Only side view : FROG-4 Luna, StuG.III Ausf.B, Renault R35, Sdkfz.9 FAMO.

Contents of this month issue.

ISAF in Action at Afghanistan (Color 5p) (Northern Alliance T-55, BMP-1 with twin 23mmAAG, Turkish Scorpion Field vehicle, German Wulf field car, Wiesel of 313rd AB Bn, Italian Carabinieri's Iveco light truck, Norwegian M113A1 APC, Mine Cleaning Vehicle, Netherlands SISU APC)
M41D Light Tank of Taiwanese Army (Color 4p)
Swedish BV-206S Utility Vehicle (Color 2p)
Swedish Strv.122 as Most Modern Version of Leopard 2 Series (Color 5p, Mono 9p)
Type99 155mm SPG of JGSDF (Color 3p Mono 8p)
Offensive Exercise of 72nd TK. RCT., 7th Div. JGSDF (Color 8p) (Type90 MBT, Type74 MBT,Type89 ICV, Type87 RV, Type87AA tank,Type73 APC, Type90 ARV, Type91 Bridge Layer)
Exercise Adlerkralle of German Jager Command (Color 5p) (Wiesel Mk.20, TOW, Mersedes 250GD, CH-53 Helicopter)
The relation of Light Armour vehicle with Big caliber gun (Mono 3p) (LAV-600, Stingray, Piranha, AMX-10RC, Striker MGS)
History of JGSDF vehicle Part.1 (Mono 4p) (Toyota BMU truck,Toyota BMR Water wagon, Toyota BJ Jeep, Toyota Type4 Truck)
The G6 improvement project by South Africa Part.2 (Mono 4p)
The series of JGSDF's vehicle and equipment. Antiaircraft Gun Part.1 (Mono 4p)
The history of Russian rocket & missile vehicle Part.7 (Mono 4p) (FROG-4 Luna, FROG-7M Luna M)
Vehicles of U.S.Armed Forces in the Viet-Nam WAR (Mono 5p) (M48A3, LVTP-5A1, V100 Armoured car, M107 SPG, M50 SPRR, M76 Amphibious Carrier, M53 SPG)
The Soviet T-28 Medium tank (Mono 4p)
Little Willy as First British Land Ship (Mono 2p)
German AFV in WW2 (Mono 5p)
Comparison of R35 Tank and StuG.III (Mono 14p)
FAMO Sdkfz.9 18ton Half Truck (Mono 6p)
Military pistol for the 20th century (Mono 4p)
North Africa military history (Mono 6p)