Waffen-Arsenal SPECIAL BAND 22

The book under review is the new title from Waffen Arsenal Special no 22, published by Alle Rechte, aun die des auszugsweisen Nachdrucks, biem podzun -Pallas -Verlag Gmbh, Kohlhauserstr, 8, 61200 Wolfersheim Berstadt, and Germany. Year 1998 Isbn no 3-7909- 0638-7. Price at time of publication was 24 Dm, check with your local importer or book dealer. Published in A4 portrait formats on very high quality gloss paper and has German text only.

The title is roughly German Tank or vehicle recovery and base workshops. It has in its slim 48 pages 91 black and white photographs of varying quality, note not all are taken by offical photographers and some are definitely snapshots taken by troops. Do not let this put you of , it is in the detail contained that makes this book stand out.

It covers the following vehicles Famo and trailer, Opel Blitz Maultier Chassis more on this later. Bergpanzer 38, Bergpanzer 1V SdKfz 164, Bergpanther, Bergpanzer Ferdinand.

It answers a lot of the questions that seem to crop up about ARV recovery, like how many Fammo's does it take to tow a Ferdinand, what does a field workshop look like, just how do you repair engines or tanks in the field? All these any many more will give food for thought for future dioramas, it is packed from front cover to back with ideas.

If you want to know how to stow a tank or any other load on the Fammo trailer correctly then this book is a must for you. Also what happens if you get it wrong

The Opel Maultier on page 7 has all the potential for a diorama; it has no cargo body just the chassis and what looks like a Railway Goods Yard crane welded directed to the chassis. The good news is that on page 48 there are three more photographs including a side view and rear view looking from the front to back. All the detail you could every possibly want for a scratch build conversion. Get the book and dig out the kit and you will not be disappointed, as they say the rest is a bonus.

Highly recommend and well worth the price.

Ian Sadler Sept 2001







24.80 DM


Alle Rechte

A4 portrait