M Hobby No.3 2001

The magazine under review is M Hobby No 3 -2001 published by Ex Print, PO box 26, Moscow, 121552, Russia, the editor is Alexander Egorov and is published only in Russian text, in A4 portrait format. It is printed on very high quality, glossy paper and is in part in black and white and colour. Price varies country to country so check with your local importer for up todate prices. It is published bimonthly

This edition covers the following subjects, please note any mistakes in translation are my fault as I am working from a very basic dictionary.

A round up of new kits which now is dated as most we ready know about, but it is nice to see them constructed and this does help to make up ones mind. The ones to note are the following, Eastern Express in 1/35 is listing the following as well as the BT -7 series of tanks, the more modern BRDM-1 series. From ICM an East German set of infantry figures very usefull as many other countries use these uniforms, just change the heads. A new range of 1/16-scale figures by PKKA, I do not know if they are resin or plastic.

In 1-72 scale a very nice Russian 37mm Anti Aircraft gun based on the Bofors, to be honest I first thought it was in 1-35 scale. This is going to prove very popular with the Braille Scale modellers.

4 pages of colour photographs of models in a Russian model show, the standard is very high and they could give other countries a run for their money.

An article about the Zero or A6M2 to be correct, 4 sets of colour plans and side profiles and the internal detail of the cockpit as the modeller has built it.

An article about the Zil 150 series of trucks, with four pages of scales drawings to 1/35 scale, and 18 black and white photographs to accompany the article. It covers the early style cab and the later more familiar one, mainly the GS versions and dump trucks but also included are photographs of the civilian conversions like a crane and overhead maintenance vehicle for tramways.

An article which takes me back to my technical drawings days at school and as an apprentice, how to draw complex shapes and compound curves etc.

A full colour spread of photographs on the Ka 29 Helicopter If you buy a kit of this small and unusual helicopter then this article is worth its weight in gold, every tiny detail is crammed into the stunning full colour photographs in the two pages.

A diorama I would guess it is called "Checking Papers", it depicts German soldiers checking the identity of peasants, it certainly is very well done and some of the tiny details used in this are truly staggering.

Lastly an article about the Cy 39 Fighter aircraft, I must confess I know nothing about is aircraft at all. For those who build Russian aircraft models then the 13 colour photographs and one black and white along with 3 pages of 1/72 scale plans these should answer nearly all your questions.

In conclusion, For me the photographs and plans on the Zis 150 series of trucks are just what are needed, more information in this one article than in my entire library on Russian equipment.

For those who build aircraft then the two articles will fill yet an other gap in your knowledge of Russian helicopters and fighters.

I know keep saying this about the plans and scale drawings and the draughtsmen who produce them, but believe me when I say they are far superior to many in the west who think they can draw. These are the tops for detail and clarity and penmanship, they are to be congratulated.

So once more Alexander has a winner buy yours now for you will not be disappointed, many thanks to Alexander for the review copy.

Ian Sadler 2002



Ex Print

A4 portrait