Modeler:Charles Pritchett

This diorama represents an Iranian artillery position in Khuzestan (around Abadan) during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's. The gun is a Soviet-made 122mm D-30 towed howitzer from Libya or Syria, China or North Korea, and also Iran made some barrels and ammunition for it.

The gun is a 1/35 kit from Pit Road made from white metal. I added a new gun barrel from aluminum rod turned on a lathe, and some extra details made from plastic (mostly nuts & bolts) to make a more accurate model.

The figures are modified from Hobby Fan and Verlinden Productions, with heads from Hornet. Some small details were also from Verlinden Productions. Everything else was made from scratch, including the bunker, sandbags, spare ammo, and sign. The sign is from "Bonyad-e-sezandegi" which in Farsi means: Organization of builders", which is the Iranian Islamic government organization responsible for making many important earth-constructions during the war (such as this bunker).

Everything was painted with Tamiya water-based paints, which was my first use of these paints to finish a diorama, but the figurese skin-colors were painted with artist's oil paints. The red head-bands were made from apoxy putty, and hand-painted with Islamic slogans from the Iranian Revolution, as was the insignia on the helmet of the man firing the gun.

I got this idea from an Iranian book about the war, which shows some photographs of Iranian bunkers, and some photographs of some Iranian artillery firing on Iraqi positions. My freind told me about opening his mouth when there was an explosion, which helps to regulate the pressure inside of his head...

I have no photos of Iranian D-30 howitzer, but I have read that Iran recieved this weapon from possibly Syria or Libya, and is manufacturing the 122mm gun and ammunition for the D-30... so this is partly my fantasy...but it looks good, no???

I made the base from Styrofoam, and the sand bags from epoxy putty. Some sand was placed on the base after the glue was applied, and later it was painted to match the true desert colors of Khuzestan province in Iran.....enjoy!